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Those who are thinking of becoming a Catholic, or simply wanting an introduction to the faith would be warmly welcomed to join our Introduction to the Catholic Faith group (without obligation!) which meets on Wednesdays in the Old Hall. Enquiries to Roy Peachey.

Journey of FaithIntroduction

The prophet Ezekiel describes his vision of a river coming from the temple, newly-sanctified by God. It starts as a trickle, easy to step over, and which, as he follows its course downstream, grows deeper and wider, until it becomes a deep and mighty flood, impossible to cross and so wide the far bank can only just be seen.

The river, coming from God, refreshes, cleans and gives life to all its waters touch.

It is an obvious allegory for faith and for the life of God within us. We have total freedom to choose. We can go down the river following its course to the sea – or we can sit on the bank, dabbling our feet in the shallow water, and go no further. We can even choose to go off, by ourselves into the desert, and run the risk of losing ourselves completely.

We all have to choose – we have no choice in that – we cannot sit on the fence. If there is no God, then there is no point wasting time pretending – but if God does exist – and we believe that He does – then, by His very nature, He has to be taken seriously!

If we choose to follow the river, to deepen or faith and our relationship with God, it’s always better to go with others – just as Ezekiel did in his vision.

Journey of Faith is a number of parishioners committed to exploring our faith together. We are a mixed bunch – and all at different stages in our journey! Some of us are young, and some older, but we all share the excitement of exploring and deepening our faith and our relationship with God.

We invite you to choose too! If you think you would like to journey with us, contact us! Shout, tread on our toes, or better still, give us a ring or send us an email. Alternatively, just turn up!

Normally, we meet on a Wednesday evening at 8pm in the bar lounge of the Centenary Hall. (During the present Covid-19 pandemic, we are meeting at the same time, but by Zoom! – details in the newsletter.) However, if that time is difficult, we could possibly change or adapt if need be.

Email:; telephone: 01883 345749 or 01883 342508

Peter Lovat

For a set of reflections on the Beatitudes, please click here:  The Beatitudes.pdf

Peter Lovat

Gemma Zarembski

Roy Peachey