Journey of Faith

Peter Lovat

Gemma Zarembski

How could we persuade you that you should give “Journey of Faith” a try?

We could say that we look at different aspects of our faith, and we use discussion, film/video and other media.  We base our meetings on things that are relevant to any or all of us – often, but not always, on Scripture (as Jesus himself often did) – and often on the scripture readings for the next Sunday, since these are the readings which we hear proclaimed.

Maybe that doesn’t persuade you.

We could say that we are a mixed, but friendly, bunch, and all at different stages in our journey – so you won’t feel left out.

Maybe that doesn’t persuade you, either.

Perhaps I should give you my personal reasons why I think ‘Journey of Faith’ is important.  

I think we all have to make a choice.  The story of how I made my choice is a long one, and not relevant here, but this is the choice as I see it:

Our faith makes some astonishing claims:

     1.     A God exists who made everything from nothing

     2.     This God is eternal – or more precisely, outside time – without beginning or end

     3.     He (or ‘She’ if you prefer) loves us deeply – loves us “to bits” as we are.   He loves us so much that He sent His son to us to bring us to Him.

     4.     We have been given the gift of freedom, so we can freely choose to love Him back, share His life and spend eternity with Him, as we were made to do.

If these claims are true, then we have to try to build a relationship with God so that we can love Him back.

If these claims are not true, then they should be totally forgotten as a waste of time.

What is not possible is to bumble along with half measures – it would be like half agreeing to marry someone.  Either take it seriously, or forget it.

We believe that these claims are true, and we try to support each other in building our relationships with God.  It is not easy to build a relationship with a God we can’t see – which is where “Journey of Faith” comes in.  We help each other on our journey to God.

If you think you would like to journey with us, contact us!  Shout, tread on our toes, or better still, give us a ring or send us an email.  Alternatively, just turn up!  

Normally, we meet on a Wednesday evening at 8pm in the bar lounge of the Centenary Hall.  (During the present Covid-19 pandemic, we are meeting at the same time, but by Zoom! – details in the newsletter.)  However, if that time is difficult, we could possibly change or adapt if need be.

Email:; telephone: 01883 345749 or 01883 342508


taken from the Journey of Faith Holy Week retreats

1. Six Stations of the Cross (2011)

2. Eight Gospel Events (2012)

3. The Signs of St John (2013)

4. Hints of Heaven (2014)

5. The Road to Emmaus (2015)

6. The Year of Mercy (2016)

7. Psalm 138 (2017)

8. The Beatitudes (2018)

9. The Mass (2019)